The Finger Wharf - Woolloomooloo Wharf


The Woolloomooloo Wharf or Finger Wharf was formerly the home of a massive timber building (the biggest in wooden structure in the world) in the early 20th century built to accommodate or contain Sydney Harbour’s commercial activities.


The government had decided to demolish the existing wharf in favor of a marina and resort but plans fell through when local residents opposed the idea by blocking the entrance of the site.


Situated on Woolloomooloo bay on Sydney’s Harbour, the Finger Wharf was rehabilitated after its abandonment in 1970s. Today, it is Sydney’s fashionable place to be with personalities such as Russell Crowe and John Laws calling it home.


The Finger Wharf stands 410 meters in length and 64 meters in width. In the war years, it was the deployment point for troops joining the World Wars. It was also an entry point for new immigrants in Australia.

the woolloomooloo wharf or finger wharf


Some of the attractions at the Finger Wharf are:

  • Spa Chakra – Offers massages, facials, hydro-baths, body wraps, pedicures, and manicures.

  • Otto Ristorante Italiano – Owned and run by Maurizio Terzini, this restaurant is the embodiment of Sydney chic dining. A popular spot for celebrities, this place is always fully booked.

  • Manta Ray – Restaurant that specializes in seafood, particularly lobster and crab. Customers get to choose from live fare from large tanks.

  • Kingsleys Steak and Crab House – East meets west with Singaporean Chilli Mud Crab and Australian Snow Crab.

  • Shimbashi Soba on the sea – Specializes in Japanese cuisine.

  • Novo Pizzeria – Casual Italian dining.

  • The Water Bar – The main attraction here is ambiance.

  • Laurent Boulangerie Pattiserie – Great coffee and delicious baked goods.

  • W Hotel Café – Great place to have breakfast.

  • Sienna Marina Café, Restaurant, Bar – Medium priced fare with casual dining style.

  • Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel – Pub and bistro.

  • Harry’s Café de Wheels – Great pie place and considered an institution by locals.

Other things to do at the Finger Wharf:

  • Take a walk through the Wharf’s leafy lanes.

  • Admire the breathtaking view of Sydney’s skyline and Harbour from any of the Wharf’s waterfront al fresco restaurants.

  • Ogle famous celebrities dining and wining at the Wharf’s high class restaurants.

  • Allow yourself to be pampered at the W’s modern 5 star facilites.

The Finger Wharf has come a long way from a dirty, decrepit dockland to its present status as an A-list venue for prime residential apartments and fine dining restaurants.